Greyhawk - Azure to Zeif

Troubled Waters


As the last drops of blood flowed from the last living pirate, our chance to question them ended. We searched the bodies and went cabin by cabin over the ship again. We found the equipment of the oceanus, we found a stash of weapons. We located a number of books and papers, some objects of value, and a couple gold and some rot grubs in the bilge.

We took the evening to rest, relax and heal. I aided some of the adventurers with the power of nature. It was a quiet night but unlike a night on land. The movement was strange but somewhat soothing, the waves rocking the ship like a mother rocking her child to sleep. No animals made sounds near the boat creating an eerie calm, with the creaking of the manmade ship creating its own refrain in the dark. As I looked out over the water I found a new awe in nature. Far behind the ship the cliffs jutted darkly from the sea, but everywhere else was darkness punctuated by stars. It was strange and unlike anywhere I had been upon the land. This was a perspective of nature I had never considered. Perhaps there was a place for knowledge of the seas in the understanding of the nature of the Oerth Mother.

But the morning came and we packed up our gear, leaving much upon the ship. After making sure the anchor and supplies were secure we went back to the skiff Skiff.JPG. It was a quick row around the ship and back towards land. All went well until we got nearer the shore. Waves pushed the skiff towards the rocks and swirled around the outcroppings. Valiently we battled the waters but the inexperience and danger were too great, and the boat capsizes throwing all into the churning sea.

Druids are gifted with a special connection to nature. We can even borrow its many forms to enhance our understanding and service to the great mother. As I went into the sea I took the form of a large salt water crocodile like those I had seen in the Hool marshes. It enabled me to swim and navigater the waters with ease. I righted the skiff and found one of my new companions sinking into the depths. But after making sure everyone was once again safely on the skiff I traveled alongside it until it reached shore.

We found a dry place to get a meal and were met by a member of the town council. Galson Merrick mentioned something about the towns interest in our recent excursion to the ship and the others to the haunted mansion. Everyone wanted to head back there after we ate so the councillor said he would be in touch then left.

I went off to find Janessa, and after telling her what had occurred I borrowed one of her family carts and traveled to meet up with the others at the mansion. Delving into its depths we found some undead and vanquished them, revealing the previous owners body. He was apparently some kind of alchemist and had died, presumably trying to tamper with the natural order.

So we carted all the loot back to the inn and sold some booze to the innkeeper, split up our money and went off to bed. I returned to the Woods just west of town and rested there with Janessa. The next morning I rose with the sun and returned to the place the others were staying. A young human came to us while we ate morning repast and invited us to an evening meeting of the town council. It turned out to be more like some kind of dinner party but we met the councilors of Saltmarsh and get to eat some of their food. We told them the details of what we did and found, and gave them the information we found on the pirates ship. They agreed to discuss the situation and get back to us.



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