Greyhawk - Azure to Zeif


Other creatures homes

The masters of Saltmarsh have come up with a plan. It seems like they are worried by the pirates and the seeming association with lizard men and gnolls. They have asked us to look into it. Perhaps go to where the pirates were supposed to go to deliver weapons to the lizard men.

We took care of some business in the area of Saltmarsh, and caught a boat south to the rendezvous point we found on the pirate ship. From there we found some lizard tracks leading into the swampy hills, where we found a door. It seemed promising so we went in and found some lizard men. The fight was difficult, and we found much that was troubling, so we went on. The complex seemed large and might have been made by lizard men, but not likely. We traveled through empty rooms and corridors finally meeting an aged scholarly lizard man who attempted to speak with us.

That was when the other lizard men arrived. They seemed to think we were with some group of sahuagin. When we gave a general idea of who we were and where we came from they demanded we surrender. Not only that we surrender but that we give them gold so we could surrender and live. Bandits are easy to spot, especially for adventures. bandits of other cultures plotting against human settlements, well we didn’t surrender.

They were stronger than expected. For a while we held our own but when our small numbers began to dwindle we had lost. Our mission was to find information and report back. If we all died here, it would be a complete failure, we all attempted to escape. I tried to fly away quickly, and was struck down, so I moved on to being in a crowd. As one of many lizards I was able to make my escape.



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