Greyhawk - Azure to Zeif

A Desperate Battle

Danger at Dunwater

Heroes are Born!

The Auqua Alliance, as they called themselves, asked for and got the help of the surface dwellers of Saltmarsh. The Council had decided, unanimously, to make a preemptive strike against the sahaugan enclave at their lair (the old Lizardman lair). The battle was fierce, and much of it was underwater. That battle was primarily dealt with by the Sea Elves, Merfolk and Locatha. The surface was left to the heroes and a contingent of marines lead by two Clerics of Beory. The heroes and marines assaulted the lair with battering ram and spear. If it was not for the heroic effort of a brave teenage druid named Solstice, an intelligent and very vicious great white shark may have spelled the end for many! Solstice, with the blessings of Beory, was able to defeat the shark single-handedly! Truly a deed to be told around the cook fires of many. The other heroes, along with 30 marines, lead the assault on the sea-devils stronghold. It was hard-fought, but in the end the forces of good were victorious over the evil sea-devils!

The battles were not without loss, sadly. Two heroes, not even members of Saltmarsh, died during the battle. Carrie-Ann, devout Cleric of Beory fell, as did Evan Bloodchip, dwarven berzerker. Two other members of the party were stuck down, but didn’t die. They were taken to be sacrificed…however, fate smiled on them and the attack from the Aqua Alliance saved them.

Now, after the battle, wounds will heal, new friendships are forming between the fair people of Saltmarsh and the Sea Elves who live but a stone’s throw from the port town. And, most importantly, a group of stalwart heroes is born. Word of their deeds and the sacrifices they made in coin, blood, and lives is on the lips of everyone in Saltmarsh. No doubt that the sailors will take these tales with them when they set sail…who, or what, may hear of these heroes is yet to be known…



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