Greyhawk - Azure to Zeif

Fall of Justice

Pirate Scourge

The ships deck had been cleared. I went directly to find further pirates. Most think of them as romantic sea rogues, warriors of the sea. They are scum, murderers and thieves. They more than most deserve to be brought low for their crimes.

We found the captain in his cabin and brought him low. He was weaker than expected. But there must be more pirates about so quickly I was off with holy purpose. I found a group in the hold and attacke the leader. I battled past many swords and left my fair share of blood on the deck. Then I reached their leader and struck him a mighty blow. It was then I felt the many swords behind me pierce deep into my flesh.

Things grew dark then and I found myself in a strange place, the afterlife. It was with a smile I entered my final reward, I had died doing my holy duty.



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