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D&D 5e via AD&D 1e

The core system is 5e, but with 1e mentality. I’m a 1e DM, but my group and I do enjoy a lot of what 5e has to offer. What I will be doing is taking a 1e “thing” and then translating it into something that is an equivalent in 5e check most likely.

I’m using a “Generic Saving Throw” method. Unless it is a save vs Poison/Disease ( = v CON), save vs Breath Weapon ( = v DEX) or save vs Spell ( = v WIS), there will be NO stat adjustment. So if something in an adventure module calls for a “Saving Throw versus Paralysis”, the PC uses only his characters Proficiency Level Adjustment due to his level. As far as DC’s are concerned… I’m going to just use a base Save of 15, adjusted for anything quoted in the module (e.g., “Save vs Paralysis at -4” means "Generic Saving Throw, DC 19).

Character Creation

Characters are created with the Wheel of Pain method (basically, everyone at the table takes turns rolling and we pair off high and low rolls, then everyone decides which ‘pairs’ they want as a group and everyone uses those stats, placed where they want; giving 3 stats of 10+ and three stats of 9-_. As an option, a player may choose to forgo that and roll 3d6, in order, with the option to switch any two stats with each other.

No Feats & No Multiclassing
…for now. I MIGHT allow Multiclassing on a case by case basis, but it must be backed by in-game reasons and opportunity. Same with Feats…but Feats will not be tied to ‘leveling’; the only way to get one is via some special training or something. Also, it must be backed by in-game reasons and opportunity. Bottom line: no, you can’t just “pick” it.

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