Greyhawk - Azure to Zeif

The 'Haunted House'

So we roll into this sleepy little fishing village. Not much evil here more than likely. The innkeepers son tells us of a “Haunted House” on the edge of town. I could just punch him in his smarmy little face. Like we would care about a haunted house. Nobody has died, it isn’t hurting anyone and all they say is that is is ‘scary’ and sometimes they see lights, allegedly.

Load of crap if you ask me, no evil there. but the group are like dogs with a bone. So they jump up and run out, I think I saw drool.

Later the innkeeper comes to me and says he suspects Pirates are using the old mansion as a hideout. He has no evidence and has never seen any pirates, so they must be there, cause wherever you don’t see pirates, that’s where they are goes his logic. Well at least it is more plausible than a haunted house that never haunts anyone, so I head out to tell the group of the new information.

As expected not a single sign of haunting, there are some bugs and a long dead guy upstairs, but no ghosts or undead. There is a curious magic mouth saying don’t go into the wine cellar. So obviously there is something going on downstairs. and there we find pirates. Maybe not the biggest evil ever, but evil none the less, they victimize others and so now will become victims of justice and vengeance.

We take the round about rout to their ship so they won’t see us coming, it works and we make our way on board without being noticed.



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