Greyhawk - Azure to Zeif

Ship of fools

End to the pirates

It wasn’t long before a group of likely sailors boarded the rowboat. Just as quickly it became apparent they were not sailors and had never been on a boat in their lives. As they bobed and flailed about with the oars they even kept themselves clad in heavy metal armor. It is a small wonder that they finally made it to a ship farther out in the sea. They hopped aboard the mesh ladder on the side on the ship.

That moved the rowboat further away from the ship, far too far for me to make the jump as a mouse. Of course I could change into something else and get onto the boat, but that would mean I could no longer change and would be unable to escape and still I had no idea what was going on.

I heard commotion above but was unable to make it onto the ship until the rowboat bumped against the chain of the ships anchor. I quickly dragged the rope through the chain and ran up to see a strange situation. One of the people that had rowed to the ship was lying wounded on the deck and others were acting against two more coming up from below deck. It was a battle.

Once side were obviously pirates, so I acted to assist the ones who had rowed across with me. Most likely they were adventurers, possibly sent from Saltmarch to deal with the pirates. Using the magics of the earth and moon I was able to turn the tide on the seamen.

After the battle we found another companion who was wounded and left below deck. They seem a cutthroat and rough bunch but perhaps they can do some good. After searching the ship we found much, including an oceanus who had been captured by the pirates. He left the ship before he could provide any information about the pirates, who had all been slain my the adventuers.

We got what information we could and then rested for the night. The next morning we got back into the rowboat and headed back to the sea cave we came from.



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